LA BIOLOGICA SOC.COOP.AGR. (Agricultural cooperative company) transforms the products of the associated organic companies, thus having an organic product traced up to the field of production.
In this way it is possible to guarantee an organic traceability to the consumer.
The added value of the product has an impact on production companies associated with the cooperative, to whom the product can be remunerated fairly.
La Biolgica represents 10 organic farm companies and technicians, who after years in the organic field, in 2015 decided to join their energy.
The roots of the cooperative are in the cultivation and processing of ancient cereals and hemp, using the organic method.
The cereal is sown on the hills of the Marche hinterland: a production of pasta has already started since the first harvest. The very high digestibility and especially the strong taste of the pasta convinced the members of the cooperative company, La Biologica to expand the range of products. Since its birth, La Biologica, has focused on the rediscovery of the cultivation of hemp, introducing the cultivation of organic industrial hemp, in the hinterland of the Marches where it was a traditional culture until the 40s. Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Camerino La Biologica selected the best varieties of hemp and obtained a seed oil with high values of omega3 and omega 6.